The 2 advantages that changed my life ever since I read them

“The Underdog Advantage” — Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi has recently published his new book called “The Underdog Advantage”. In his book, he talks about 7 underdogs advantages and for every one of them, he mentions a story of his past related to the advantage.

For those of you who don’t know what the word “underdog” means let me explain it to you. Underdog is the person who is not privileged or rich and hasn’t got the resources that rich people have. Underdogs, in this case, are the ones who want to start their journey to become successful but unfortunately, they find their way being too challenging because they don’t have what privileged people have.

As I have just explained what underdog means, allow me to introduce you to the 2 advantages that changed my life with a more visible effect than the other ones Dean mentions in his book.

1. Underdogs Have Nothing To Lose
2. Underdogs Act fast And Improve Quickly

You are an underdog. That means you’ll work on your own for a little while. You don’t have a name yet, neither you are a well-known person with a big audience below you. So what can you possibly lose?

You practically have nothing. No fame, no audience, no power, no name and if you make a mistake nobody will notice. There’ll be nobody to criticize you for what you do. And as you keep making mistakes, be sure that you learn from them because if you just making mistakes doesn’t make you learn. See what you did wrong and be careful not to do it next time.

“The only time a mistake is truly permanent
is if you don’t learn from it” —
Charles Orlando

In contrast with an underdog, privileged people have a name, have their money and a big audience. They can’t do mistakes. And if they do mistakes, as time goes by, they’ll see their people going away. They lose faith in them and criticize them.

If you are one of the many underdogs in this world you can see how much the fact that you have nothing to lose benefits you. Take your chance. Use your knowledge and your passion. That’s all you have right now

Of course, you’ll reach a point in your life where you feel that you can play with the big boys. And you will give it a try. You’ll ask for a partnership, you’ll start building your own empire but unfortunately, BOOM! You get rejected or you fail. Investors don’t support your idea. Your employees think you suck. And you feel like “What am I doing? I’m not ready. I should stay in my levels.”.

But that’s wrong. You tried, you failed but you’re going to thrive the next time. If you think about it, every successful person has failed in his life. You are in Chapter 3 of your journey and you tried to compete with people who live in their Chapter 13. If you’ve failed it’s not that big of a deal. You got to come back.

And that’s where the second advantage comes in the way. Because you have nothing to lose you can act quickly and improve quickly.

Privileged people have to plan their moves because as I mentioned before, they have a name that they try to keep it on top. They can’t afford mistakes. People lose trust easily, remember? Only one mistake is enough to ruin years of hard work.

Moreover, privileged people because they are on top of the table, they are expected to know everything. When their audience realizes that they made a mistake or they don’t know something they’ll start to question them. Their fame will start braking in pieces: “Does he really deserve to be where he is right now?”. And you know how the rest of it goes.

However, you, have advantages. You are an underdog. If this doesn’t work you’ll go to the next method. You have nothing to lose. Don’t forget that. You don’t have to prepare for months before you make your next move. This will be time-consuming as your goal is to reach the top of the board. Learn from the previous act you did and make sure you don’t do it again. This way, you’ll see improvements and results earlier than you thought.

“Remember that just because you hit bottom
doesn’t mean you have to stay there” — Robert Downey Jr

Also, something that Dean mentions a lot, is to be resourceful. Use what you know and what you have. You may have fewer resources than privileged people but that'll help you absorb all the information.

Maybe you don't have the right guy for this job or you only know a few people that can help you. That’s not a problem. If you are able to make it to the top with limited resources, imagine what you can do when you have everything. It would be better if you could read his book because he can explain it better than me.

I guess you may be a little confused about how this whole underdog thing works. So let me demonstrate this to you with a simple soccer example, because I love soccer.

There is Granada FC (Spanish team, the underdog in the example) and is facing Barcelona FC(one of the greatest teams in the world for decades, the privileged in the example). Barcelona has more money, has better players with more talent, toughness, technique, experience, better coaches and better academies than Granada, as every privilege has.

On the other hand, Granada doesn’t have all these comforts and high-level training as Barcelona does. However, when the matchday comes Granada won’t start attacking unstoppable, because they can’t do it against Barcelona. They’ll try to find specific tactics and plays to prevent Barcelona from scoring goals. When you are the outsider team you try to defend as you know that the opposite team will attack because they want to win.

And the underdogs will try all their resources such as passion, strength and the mindset that they have nothing to lose. They can make mistakes and learn from them, grow and improve quickly. And if they fight hard and keep a clean sheet(not to receive any goals), they’ll get applauded by their fans and from the opposite’s team fans too. If they make it and win, the other strong and not that strong teams will start counting Granada as a non-underdog team. Even if they lose nobody will say anything because “that’s how it’s supposed to be”.

That’s not something that Barcelona can have. If they make mistakes they’ll get “Boooo” from the fans because they are not expected to make mistakes. They need to do everything right. They’re one of the best teams in the world. If they lose from underdog teams, their fans, won’t be as supportive as always. They’ll lose faith in Barcelona.

That’s the same with a battle between an underdog and a privilege. The underdog has self-awareness and knows that he can’t go all-in and “attack” because he hasn’t got the experience or knowledge to do it. He’ll try to stay on his feet and bounce back after every “bullet” the privilege “shot”. Most probably he’ll lose. But, he'll see what went wrong and make sure not to repeat it next time.

Why I’m not sharing all the advantages that Dean mentions in his book?

I don’t want to mention everything from the book. I think it’s unfair to steal his content. Dean is a great entrepreneur and if you read his book you’ll realize how much power he has and how he turned his whole life upside down.

I just mentioned the 2 advantages that had more impact on me. Also, if I tell you everything then you’ll no longer want to read the book. And that’s unfortunate because Dean, everything he said in the book, has gone through it, he has lived it so he knows better than me. And of course, he can express and give you valuable information, better than I can.


I encourage you to read his book, it’s right here and I guarantee you that you’ll feel lucky for being an underdog.

I want to advise you to highlight every piece of information and knowledge you get from that exact book and from any book. It’s good to have a note-taking app such as Notion and after you read the book, write everything you highlighted in your note-taking app so you don’t have to check the book every time.

Remember. You have nothing to lose and you can improve quickly.

Until next time!



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